Recommended Reading

We’ve found these books to be insightful, educational and compelling. If you enjoy Odyssey Road, we think that you would enjoy these books as well.

I first read Ishmael my junior year of college. It crystallized my worldview, pointed me in a new direction, and has framed my viewpoint over the past twelve years. If you are reading for fiction, expect to be disappointed. Ishmael presents some amazing ideas and theories that are well constructed and very well explained. “With Man gone, will there be hope for Gorilla? With Gorilla Gone, will there be hope for Man?"
Gaia's Garden provides an invaluable introduction to home-scale permaculture. As a beginner, I have found that each paragraph contains information I want to memorize and implement. Even experienced gardners will be fascinated by the ecological view of gardening and the implementation of permaculture guilds in our own backyards.
This book was covered in a recent interview by Scientific American. It sounds very thought-provoking, showing us that life just happens. Maybe we should help it along.
Peter Lynch brings Wall Street down from their pedestal and elevates all of us. We can all find great investments for the long term just by being aware of the companies we encounter in our lives. After this initial recognition, he demonstrates how to look at a company’s financials and how to find long-term winners. This book is a great place to start when learning to pick stocks.
I’ve learned more about business and investing from this book than any other. I studied discounted cash flow models presented in this book, sat down with my excel worksheets and ran numbers on tech companies in the bubble days of the late ‘90s. I remember coming up with values of $4 per share on CMGI and $6 per share on Ariba while their stock prices were $120 and $85 respectively. The talking heads were saying Buffet was too old-fashioned for this market. A couple years later, CMGI was $2 per share and Ariba was $5 per share. The Warren Buffet Way is truly a timeless book about investing, and a study of the world’s greatest investor.