Quest for New Ways of Living

Have you ever wanted to leave the stress of employment behind? Have you ever counted the days until your next vacation? Have you ever been in traffic in the morning and looked around and wondered about the insanity of it all? Ever looked at the concrete and steel and wondered what used to be there, how people used to live? Have you ever wondered where all the money goes? Why your house is filled with stuff and why it feels so empty?

I have a theory and this is it:

We have no idea how to live.

When I say we, I mean our culture. When I say culture, I mean the entirety of people commuting to a job they do not enjoy, eating food that they have no connection with, and searching for anything that will make them feel whole. When I say live, I mean really live and feeling alive while doing it.

Many people have felt like this at times. I think of moments traveling where my mind was open and stress had melted away. At the top of Harney Peak in South Dakota, I felt at peace. I could see the sacred circles that Black Elk described, or at least those referenced by John Neihardt. At a trail near Many Glacier in Glacier National Park I stopped fearing the grizzly bears and let myself feel creative again.

Maybe some have forgotten what it feels like experience these moments. Maybe some can no longer step outside the insanity of their lives and reflect again. I don’t know if I can relate to these people, and they certainly will not be able to relate to me or what is written on this website. This site is for people who have felt this spark and yearn for it to be a constant force in their lives. This is my search.

I cover this quest daily at the Odyssey Road Weblog.

One of the ways to find new ways of living is to escape the cycle of employment that most of us find ourselves in. I discuss the process of leaving paid employment in my Personal Finance Category. Especially important is the series of articles that include:

Once these ideas have been mastered, and if there is a desire to increase investment returns, you can benefit from my Stock Research.

My family and I are in the process of planting a forest garden based on the principals of permaculture. You can read about this and our connection to the food we eat in our Garden posts as well as our Food and Nutrition posts.

Odyssey Road originally started as a travel website. Last year I re-designed it to be a travel website plus the more figurative travels we undertake in our lives. Now I think of it as I think of my own life: the search for a better way.

This website will still cover travel, but it will be more focused on sacred places that my family and I have visited. These are places that can reach us in a hurry because they are so powerful, and I will try to convey a sense of place and history that can give some indication of the spirituality of a place. I’ve found that on vacations, this is important. It can take weeks of being away from the stress of work to feel whole again, but in a sacred place it can be an almost instant experience.

Hopefully all of us can live more fulfilling lives that are focused on our families and in harmony with the natural world. This website is the quest for that new way of living. So much of this site is about intention and focus. It’s about questioning everything and finding what works in every aspect of our lives. I hope you enjoy reading it!